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Why experienced developer should join startup

Why experienced developer should join startup

Some time ago while switching to a new Job, I was very confused and was not able to decide which type of company to join. At that time I had experience of almost one and half years. And I had worked primarily in Wordpress and Laravel. I could not decide between the Startup and well-established company. At the end of the day, I decided to try for Start-ups.

In this article, I am going to share my experience with Pros and Cons of joining a Startup.


  1. Work with small team

    Yes, you have to work with a smaller team. That means you will get more freedom to decide for development strategy.

  2. More learning opportunity

    Your skill will be tested in every stage of project development. You get more challenges which will make you strong and mature, developer. You get more exposure and contacts also you might have to deal with the clients directly.

  3. Higher salary

    You heard that right, You will get a higher salary in Startups. Let me explain it. Most of the experienced developer does not want to go to smaller/startup companies. Consequently, Startup has to offer a higher package to the experienced candidate, because they can not afford to lose money on a fresher for their initial stage of the product.

  4. Friendlier Environment

    You will get a flexible environment for work and fewer rules to follow.


  1. Multi tasking role

    You have to do multiple tasks beyond your current skill level. Workload will be higher. In my case, I had to do HTML and Testing of the project as well.

  2. Smaller deadlines

    You need to accomplish tasks quicker, as there is no product at this time. Your boss will be a little impatient. But once the first version of the product is released the things will start to come on the track.

  3. Less/Unpaid leaves

    Because of the small team, there will be no alternate option of yours. If you take a leave, then the task of that day will be pending. That’s why it will be a tedious task to get a leave. Even if you are able to get it, there will be no guarantee that you will not receive a call from the office.

  4. No bonus on Festival

    When you are in large company, you will get a bonus, gifts on the occasion of certain festivals. But that is not the case with Start-ups. Also, you will not get any kind of Insurance.


In my opinion, you should go for the startup if you want to grow your career faster. And trust me, if you managed to survive in start-ups. You can survive in any company. Then you don’t need anyone’s reference to get a decent a job.

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