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Things to learn in a new programming language

Things to learn in a new programming language

Nowadays one programming language is not sufficient to get you enough money for your need. So, when you try to learn a new programming language, No doubt you learn the basics in no time. But the problem arises when you try to develop a real-world application in the new Programming language. You spend a lot of time in researching the things that you have already done in previous programming Language.

In this article, I will explain how to learn the new Programming language that enables you to solve challenging task quickly.

The Basics

  1. ORM/ODM

    ORM and ODM stand for Object Relational Mapper and Object Document Mapper respectively. It will let you write clear and complex database query quickly.

  2. Package Management tool

    A package manager keeps track of the dependency of the projects. It provides the easiest way to download and use of the various libraries. Also, it makes the project lightweight in terms of portability as we do not need to keep the libraries while transferring.

    • Examples of Package Management Tool-
  3. Restful API development and Integeration

    You need to learn how to create your own API endpoints. Also to integrate a third-party API, you will need an HTTP client library.

    • Examples of Popular HTTP Client Libraries-
  4. Authentication and Authorization

    You must learn the Authentication and Authorization process using OAuth2 and JWT. There are many open source libraries are available to do so.
    Apart from that, you should learn to develop simple User Login, Registration, and Logout Application.

Medium Level

  1. Template Engine

    The template engine prevents us from repeating the same code again and again. It also facilitates generation of dynamic HTML blocks easily.

  2. SMTP Mail

    One must know how to send emails through external SMTP Server. Because sending email using default Mail server may land the emails in the Spam box.

  3. WebSockets

    We use WebSockets to make real-time Applications.

Advance Level

  1. Unit/Functional Testing

    This is very important for an advanced user. It lets catch the bugs of your application in an early stage. It keeps your application consistent no matter how frequently you modify/update the code.

  2. Coding Standard

    When you follow coding standards for the new programming language, your code looks more professional, consistent and pretty. Anyone in your team could understand your code quickly.

  3. Security Best Practices

    When it comes to following security best practices, even an experienced developer ignores it. Consequently, the application has many severe security flaws with which it can not be deployed to production.


I woild say that just give it a shot. You will feel better while coding.

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